Chad’s Fat Bomb Smoothie

Low Carb High Fat Smoothie:

Please note – The amount of carbs listed in this recipe are factoring in for the fiber in the food. Since Fiber does not affect blood sugar, you can deduct the “grams of fiber” for the grams of carbs to get your net amount. For example – an avocado (which we know to be a perfect LCHF food) has about 13 grams of carbs, but 10 grams of fiber for a net result of 3 grams.

I always add 5 ice cubes.  This makes the smoothie nice and cold and gives it the look and texture of a chocolate milkshake. Sometimes I add a 1 packet of an artificial sweetener to this, as it can be a bit tart.

I realize the balance of fat to protein to carbs is not ideal for this smoothie (this one comes it @ 57% fat, 28% protein, and 16% carbs). I personally shoot for a 70%, 20%, 10% diet on a daily basis and I try to stay under 50g of carbs per day. Since my breakfast (5 pieces of bacon, 3-4 eggs cooked in butter and bacon grease, with coffee that has coconut oil and heavy whipping cream in it) is so high in fat, this smoothie does not put me out of my daily goals.

Chad’s Fat Bomb Smoothie

Ingredients Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sodium Sugar
Avocado – Avocado, 185 grams 296 3 27 4 13 1
Kroger – Original * Cream Cheese, 4 Tbsp. (30 g) 220 6 20 2 170 4
Kroger – Original Sour Cream (Correct), 2.1 oz (30g / 2 Tbsp) 120 4 10 0 90 2
Eggs – Whole, raw, 1 cup (4.86 large eggs) 357 2 24 31 340 2
Strawberries – .strawberries, 4 oz 36 6 0 1 0 5
Hersheys – Cocoa Powder Unsweetened, 2 Tbsp 20 2 1 2 0 0
Totals: 1049 23 82 40 613 14
Percent of total 16% 57% 28%

I hope you enjoy this smoothie as much as I do. Do you have a fat bomb smoothie that you make? Feel free to share it in the comments, I would love to try it.

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